About Us

Who We Are

We introduce ourselves and our products under the brand name of ZOR CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS specializing in manufacturing and application of ZOR Epoxy products as well as cementitious products, using the highest quality of European and U.S. brand raw materials.

Products like Epoxy floorings, Epoxy surface coatings, Epoxy floor coatings, Epoxy protective coatings for metals, Epoxy repair mortar, Epoxy Grouts, Epoxy putties, Epoxy tile adhesive mortar etc.

Beside Epoxy based compounds, Products of various cementitious base, Adhesive Mortar for tiles, Water Proofing compounds repair mortars are also manufactured.

Epoxy products are durable, seamless, easy to clean and maintain and do not allow the formation of Bacteria and Fungus or seepage of water and oil. Epoxy Applications are now becoming a part of ISO classifications. These products are of highest quality to meet the international standards.

Single Source Responsibility

Zor uses the best quality of Epoxy resins and hardeners and takes full responsibility from raw materials to finished products. We formulate our own products and also install them. Our installation team makes sure that each application meets our high standards of quality. You deal directly with ZOR from start to finish. You are protected with single source warranty on both products and workmanship.

Some Areas Of Epoxy Applications & Other Uses Are Listed below:-

Warehouse & Packaging Areas : Water & Effluent Metal/Concrete Tanks
Fuel Tanks & Chern Processing : Water Treatment Areas
Chern Storage & Battery Rooms : Antisatic Floorings
Hospitals, Labs & Traffic Aisles : Dairy, Confectionery, Cafeterias
Epoxy Tile & Machine Grouts : Repair Mortars, Putties, Primer etc.

The construction industries are one of the major users of Epoxy Resins in various applications.

The purpose of this introduction is to make you aware about the need for such applications in all types of industries such as pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Heavy Mechanical and Elect and other Chemical & processing Industries. Specially formulated products are provided as per Customers Specifications.We also provide Advise and consultation to our clients in selecting the Right Product for best results.

A Reference list of Organization where we have carried out these Applications and continuing to do so is enclosed.We trust one of the above applications will suit your requirements and look forward to an appointment with you.


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